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NEW - June 2021 - Welcome Summer!

Issue includes: Show Off, Line Up, Slant, Scooch Over 2, Scooch Over 1, Diva 5, Comet Tails


May 2021 - Early Summer Inspiration

Issue includes: Comet Tails, Slant, BQ2, BQ, Cool Corners, BQ4, BQ2, Ric Rac Rendezvous

March 2021 - New Patterns and Inspiration

Issue includes: Diva 5, Line Up, BQ4, Bent Pieces, BQ2, BQ3, BQ1, BQ, Spark

January 2021 - Inspiration for the New Year

Issue includes: Scooch Over 1, BQ6, BQ, BQ3, BQ4, BQ2

November 2020 - Fall Inspiration

Issue includes: Scooch Over 2, Jagged Edges, Eating In, Splitz, BQ4, BQ, BQ DoubleTime, BQ2

October 2020 - Fall Inspiration

Issue includes: Frames, BQ5, Tripster, Eureka, Spark, Dancing Quilts from Straight Pieces book, Stackables 1, BQ4, Turnabout, Cool Corners

August 2020 - Late Summer Inspiration

Issue includes: Slant, BQ4, Stackables 1, Cool Corners, BQ6, In-Step, Frenzy, Comet Tails

May 2020 - Summer Inspiration

Issue includes: BQ5, Splitz, BQ DoubleTime, Diva, Eating In, Slant,

April 2020 - New Patterns from Maple Island Quilts

Issue includes: Splitz and BQ DoubleTime

March 2020 - Nearly Spring

Issue includes: BQ Goes Mini, Pi2, Cool Corners, Stripeplicity

January 2020 - Happy New Year!

Issue includes: Snibbles, Carnival, BQ, BQ Goes Mini, BQ4, Kard Keeper, Scoochover, Destination

October 2019 - Looking at Fall

Issue includes: Kard Keeper, Cool Corners, BQ, BQ1, BQ2, Diva 4, Diva, Baby Grand, Frames, Eating In

August 2019 - Summer's End Greetings from Maple Island Quilts

Issue includes: Stripeplicity, BQ, BQ6, Wobble, Diva 2, Bagavond, Diva 3, Diva 2

July 2019 - Mid Summer Greetings!

Issue includes: BQ3, BQ2, BQ6, Cool Corners, Diva 4

May 2019 - New Patterns from Maple Island Quilts

Issue includes: BQ6, Diva 4, Stripeplicity, BQ5, BQ4, BQ5

April 2019 - Spring Fun

Issue includes: BQ Goes Mini, Diva 3, Diva, Scooch Over 2, BQ6, Diva 4, Stripeplicity

March 2019 - March Inspiration

Issue includes: Pi2, BQ3, Eating In, Sidelines, In-Step, BQ