Newsletter – March 2022

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New Patterns and Fun Inspiration

Originally published 3/20/2022, via email

It is always fun to share new patterns. We have BQ 7 and U Turn that might be just right for you!

BQ7 MIQ 361
Cover quilts: 54" x 72" and 54" x 67 ½".

The fun of BQ 7 is the square center fabric surrounded by a rectangular frame with a small accent that rotates as the block rotates. The background light becomes more visible in one of the layouts as the 4 corners come together. The 2 layouts pictured create very different looks for your project.

There are 2 block sizes: 18" with a 12" finished center and a 13 ½" block with a 9" finished center and 5 quilt sizes from wall to queen.

12 - 18" blocks 54" x 72"

12 – 18"blocks 54" x 72" Quilted by Karen of Sundance Quilting

4 – 18" blocks with a 5" border. 46" x 46" The wall size or table topper.

12 – 18" blocks 54" x 72" Quilted by Karen of Sundance Quilting

20 – 13 ½" blocks 54"x 67 ½". Quilted by KARS Quilting. This layout looks very different as the squares march across the quilt. There are 2 block rotations in this layout.

4 – 18"blocks with an added inner border (inner border not in pattern). 46" x 46". This layout rotates the blocks in all 4 directions. Using directional fabric for the centers will take some extra thinking to be sure the motifs are facing the proper direction.

Check out the BQ 7 gallery for more examples of projects!

BQ7 Gallery

U Turn MIQ 360
Quilts are 52" x 76"

Everyone loves a checkerboard and U Turn moves the checkers around the quilt, over and under. Each color or set of checkers is on 3 sides of the quilt. The pattern includes the option for 1 border color or 2.

The center is a cut size of 24 ½" x 40 ½" If you have a standard panel (24" x 44") there is an optional inner border that will bring the center to the size needed and is shown on the cover.

We used the Hoffman 1895 Digital Color Card fabric panel as the center and had good fun picking other Hoffman 1895s for the other fabrics. Fun for the sewing room!

The smaller picture was created with hand dyes that I had collected through the years at quilt shows. I had the very big dots for so many years and am happy to have found the perfect showcase for it.

52" x 76" Quilted by KARS Quilting

52" x 76" Quilted by Karen from Sundance Quilting. I really liked this word fabric that was all names of colors. This is another center that I had for a long time! But who can go wrong with black/white/red and grey!

52" x 76" Quilted by Karen from Sundance Quilting

Susie created this stunning piece with owls in the center. The brighter rusty orange really sets it off.

Other fun projects that we have seen recently include this fabulous BQ2 from Janet. She also did the quilting. Isn’t it spectacular?

BQ2 MIQ 965

The close ups of the quilting shows her expertise in machine quilting. The added quilting details really make a statement!


Clothworks shared this great digital project with us for BQ DoubleTime using the YaY! Coffee fabric by Dan Dipaolo. Great colors and a fun word print. 18" x 44". The fabric will ship in October 2022.

Thank you all so much for your support and purchasing our patterns at your local quilt shop or through our website. We also thank you for sharing your work on social media!

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I hope you have a wonderful spring quilting season!