About MIQ

"I began my pattern company in the spring of 1998 and have had great fun designing my slightly unusual and achievable patterns for all of you. I began teaching across the United States and Canada at about the same time. In 2001, my first book, Cutting Curves from Straight Pieces was published by American Quilter’s Society and then in 2003, my second book, Dancing Quilts from Straight Pieces was published again by AQS. Each year has brought new adventures and allowed me the opportunity to meet so many of you.


Debbie has written Cutting Curves from Straight Pieces and Dancing Quilts from Straight Pieces both published by American Quilters Society.

Debbie was a guest on Sewing with Nancy for a 2 part series, Sew Big Quilt Blocks, showcasing our patterns, BQ and BQ3. View the videos: Part 1 & Part 2. Debbie has also appeared on HGTV and DIY, Simply Quilts #622 Confusion and #749 Pagodas; M’Liss’s World of Quilts on PBS, Series 100 #9 Snibbles and Lifetime Real Women channel, American Quilter Episode 11, Bent Pieces from Cutting Curves from Straight Pieces.

Books5Our household has changed quite a bit in the years since Maple Island Quilts began. Just like all of you, we’ve been through high school and college graduations, kids moving on and out, job changes and aging parent issues. I recently heard the phrase Empty Nexters which describes our house very well. What’s Next is always on the horizon for all of us.

Something very fun has happened to me quite a few times this past year in my travels. I saw many quilts made from my patterns or books hanging in quilt shows and some of them had winning ribbons on them. I can’t begin to describe how flattered I feel when you add your skills and creativity to my designs and come up with a winning quilt! Because I don’t do competitive quilting I am totally in awe of those of you who do. And grateful to you because then all the rest of us get to enjoy seeing your work. I hope you keep up the fabulous work.

Many of you blog about projects from Maple Island Quilts and show your own fabulous versions. We love seeing your projects and what you do with your inner quilter and our patterns.

I was honored to be nominated as the 2010 Teacher of the Year with the International Association of Professional Quilters (www.professionalquilter.com). Thank you so much for submitting my name! Although I was not the big winner, it will remain a wonderful memory to have been nominated as part of such a talented group of professional teachers.

Teacher of the Year Nominee - Professional Quilters - 2010

Also like many of you, one of the constants in my life has always been the art of creating. For many of us it is the process far more than the project because for me, sewing soothes the soul no matter what else is happening in my life. If this describes you, I hope you have found something interesting on this site that you just can’t wait to try.

Debbie Bowles