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Yikes by Debbie Bowles

Yikes BookI’m excited about the new version of Yikes. Many requests from you led me to re-issue this fun pattern which was originally a BOM in just one size. All quilters seem to love a framed center square and Yikes delivers that 24 times in the large size. It is now a smaller sized book, 5.5 x 8.5 and 24 pages.

A contemporary classic, Yikes is fun to stitch and always dramatic to look at. Varied center squares and frames create twelve different 12" block designs that are achievable for all.

This new format of Yikes has two sizes with ideas for creating other project sizes including a 6" Yikes block. Fabric selection tips will help you choose the fabrics for your project. Yikes is fun in all styles of fabric and for some of you can probably be made from your color collections.

Each block design is made twice reversing the fabrics and creating 24 unique blocks that work together through color and contrast. The pieced border is created as you piece the blocks. Yikes is a wonderful quilt to make for yourself or give as a very special gift.

Two sizes: 82" x 104" and a lap size 46" x 60"

Item: Yikes Book
5.5” x 8.5” book, 24 pages
Price: $12.00

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Dancing Quilts from Straight Pieces Book by Debbie Bowles

Dancing Quilts BookA fun new technique that begins with squares and ends with the look of oddly shaped pieces dancing all over the quilt. Use zigzag or decorative stitches and wonderful thread to easily create the dancer segments which transform ordinary triangles and squares into unique quilts. No templates, the dancer segments are traditionally pieced triangles and squares that work to create an unusual quilt!

Published by American Quilter's Society.


Item: Dancing Quilts from Straight Pieces Book by Debbie Bowles
Price: $24.95 $10.00

Discontinued – Out of Print

Quilts For The Dorm Book by Debbie Bowles

Quilts For The Dorm BookFour bold and fun quilting projects sized for the extra long twin dorm bed. Achievable quilt projects that are easy to personalize; includes a lap size of each project, reproducible line drawings for planning and many photos of quilts and color ideas. Great quilts for gifts.

Someone you know is leaving for college or is in college. How great to treat them to a quilt as they begin or continue this life adventure!. Make the extra long twin size for the bed or the study size, perfect for wrapping into while hitting the books. 20 pages packed with instructions, photos of quilts and color ideas.

The projects were designed to appeal to this young adult age and be fun for you to stitch. You’ll enjoy customizing and genderizing the quilt projects with just the right fabric. You might even have sons or daughters who want to make their own college quilt or make a quilt for their best friends. All that is needed is basic quilting experience and they will be successful.

As parents we spend many years giving our children wings and then are still surprised when they take flight. For some, making this quilt will be bittersweet. I know that the quilting will soothe your soul.


Sold out and out of print.
You might be able to find a used copy online.

Cutting Curves from Straight Pieces Book by Debbie Bowles

Cutting Curves BookLearn the techniques of inventive rotary cut and machine pieced curves while stitching the lesson sampler then put those achievable skills to use on the other 16 quilting projects in the book. Great dramatic curved fun suitable for all skill levels and especially those quilters who "don't do curves". 

Published by American Quilter's Society.


Sold out and out of print.
You might be able to find a used copy online.