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On the set of Sewing with Nancy

Our 2 episodes on Sewing with Nancy featured BQ and BQ3.

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On the set of Sewing with Nancy, 2012

New Quilt Pattern – CheckMate

Small accent squares give the look of a frame and put the focus on the center squares.
Make the background light or dark but let the accents shine.
The pattern has 4 sizes of table runners and placemats for a bonus.

The pattern uses a 2 ½" finished border but the runners look good with no border or a narrow border; room for each quilter to make their own decision.
Sizes of runners with borders: 17" x 35", 41", 47"or 59".
With no border they are 12" x 30", 36", 42" or 54".

The placemats are 12"x 18".

Seasonal or holiday fabric could be perfect for these runners. Fast to stitch and achievable for most quilters.