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On the set of Sewing with Nancy

Our 2 episodes on Sewing with Nancy featured BQ and BQ3.

View the videos of our 2 part series:
Sewing With Nancy – Part 1
Sewing With Nancy – Part 2


On the set of Sewing with Nancy, 2012

New Quilt Pattern – U Turn

If you have something to showcase, these checkerboards really put the emphasis on the center. The cover shows both versions of the pattern using either one or 2 border fabrics that u turn around the checkerboards.

The cut size of the center is 24 ½"x 40 ½". If you have a standard panel 24"x 44" you can use it with the optional inner border (shown).

Make it your own by choosing high or low contrast for the checkerboards. Use the same light for the checkerboards or use two different sets of colors for the checkerboards. Or perhaps a totally scrappy checkerboard with multiple colors. Hello to your scrap box! 52" x 76".


New Quilt Pattern – BQ7

Start with a square center, put it in a rectangular frame and add an accent in the corner! It’s a fun new look for the BQ Nation family. Two layouts that are vastly different, two blocks sizes, 18" and 13 ½" and 5 quilt sizes from wall to queen. As always, use one center fabric or many in your project.

The blocks are rotated when placed in your project so care needs to be taken when using directional fabric. You can use something subtle for the background light or something much busier to take advantage of the layout that makes the light look like another center square.

46" x 46", 54" x 72", 90" x 108", 40 ½" x 54"and 54" x 67 ½".