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MIQ112 Confusion PatternAs Seen On Simply Quilts #622. Confusion is a lively piece achievable by quilters of all levels. If you can cut strips and squares, you can create Confusion! A variety of final designs are possible to make this piece uniquely your own. Piece an oversized quilt block, tilt and re-cut using the trimming for the pieced border.

6" blocks: 45" x 69".


Item: MIQ112
Confusion Pattern

Price: $9.50  $3.00

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Flipped Out

MIQ113 Flipped OutA fun piece that keeps the eye moving. Re-cutting a traditionally pieced quilt block creates the askew look. 6" blocks in four color combinations.

43" x 55".


Item: MIQ113
Flipped Out Pattern

Price: $9.50 $3.00


MIQ121 Puzzler PatternPuzzler pieces quickly and creates a big, splashy look. Choose a bold and a quiet fabric from three color families and piece the quilt block in four fabric combinations. The wall hanging uses two fabrics plus assorted fabrics for the corner triangles.

8" blocks, three sizes: Wall quilt 38" x 38", Twin quilt 57" x 89", Queen quilt 81" x 97".


Item: MIQ121
Puzzler Pattern

Price: $9.50 $3.00


MIQ131 Marbles PatternChoose a fun stripe and a beautiful hand dyed or commercial marbled fabric and you are ready to play Marbles. A good quilting project to "try out" working with stripes.

Two sizes: 37" x 44" and 80" x 98".


Item: MIQ131
Marbles Pattern

Price: $9.50 $3.00

Keep Out

MIQ114 Keep Out PatternThis traditional quilt block looks new when combined with accent pinwheels, stripes and multiple prints. Great for color collections.

12" blocks: 45" x 69".


Item: MIQ114
Keep Out Pattern

Price: $9.50 $3.00


MIQ304 - Satisfaction PatternYou'll be very satisfied with yourself when these strips are snaking across your quilted wall hanging. Choose good contrast for the two fabrics. A tutorial is included that tells and shows the mechanics of this new technique for cutting and machine stitching the curves. No templates, this is inventive curved cutting and piecing that you will quickly master. Satisfaction is also in the book, Cutting Curves from Straight Pieces.

47" x 38".


Item: MIQ304
Satisfaction Pattern

Price: $9.50 $3.00


MIQ302 - Pagodas Pattern12" quilt blocks that have curves going around the center, how did you do that? Choose good contrast for the three fabrics. A tutorial is included that tells and shows the mechanics of this new technique for cutting and machine stitching the curves. No templates, this is inventive curved cutting and piecing that you will quickly master. This quilt pattern is also in the book, Cutting Curves from Straight Pieces. Simply Quilts #749.

Three sizes: 32" x 32", 48" x 48" and 60" x 72".


Item: MIQ302
Pagodas Pattern

Price: $9.50 $3.00

Pot Luck

MIQ318 Pot Luck PatternDesigned for collectors; dig into your inventory for this quilt. Stripes printed on the bias are easy fun for block edges. No templates, just one segment edged and turned to create the 12" blocks. Fat quarters may be used.

Three sizes: crib quilt 32" x 44", lap quilt 44" x 68" or queen quilt 80" x 104".


Item: MIQ318
Pot Luck Pattern

Price: $9.50 $3.00

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MIQ543 Betsey PatternCreate a collection quilt or choose just a few favorite stripes to spotlight in this fun take off on the traditional Susannah block. 14" blocks.

Crib quilt 36" x 42", lap quilt 52" x 70" , twin quilt 66" x 84".


Item: MIQ543
Betsey Pattern

Price: $9.50 $3.00


MIQ531 Squiggles PatternChoose your way to create this template free 16" quilt block. The squiggle can be the lighter fabric and all different or the darker fabric and repeated. Even the block borders can be changed.

Three sizes: 40" x 40", Lap quilt 40" x 60", Twin quilt 60" x 80".


Item: MIQ531
Squiggles Pattern

Price: $9.50 $3.00


MIQ656 SpotLight PatternUse a wonderful stripe to create the interior frame for a special fabric or group of quilt blocks. An achievable stitch and flip forms the bold corner rectangles. Easy instructions for resizing to accommodate other center sizes than shown (16” x 20”).

32” x 36”.


Item: MIQ656
SpotLight Pattern

Price: $9.50 $3.00

Check It Out

MIQ963 Check It Out PatternThese 16” blocks are fun to make with strip sets and have a clean look that will delight many age groups. Use multiple frame colors as shown or do your version with fewer colors of frames. Easy to customize with multiple darks and lights.

Two sizes: 56” x 72” or 40” x 40”.


Item: MIQ963
Check It Out Pattern

Price: $9.50 $3.00

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MIQ308 Dancing PatternBegin with squares, double diagonal cut and finish with a row of dancing triangles that have the raw edges bound with decorative stitching. No templates, this is a technique I call overstitching. Easy to design your own look, make all the rows different or repeat some fabrics. This pattern is also in the book, Dancing Quilts from Straight Pieces.

Two sizes: 30" x 40" or 57" x 72".


Item: MIQ308
Dancing Pattern

Price: $9.50 $3.00


MIQ309 Celebrate PatternCelebrate has been a favorite for many years because it is such a fun way to use stripes and a very good way to become more comfortable with stripes. Many of you know that I’m always partial to stripes and enjoy introducing everyone to striped fun; it was well past time to update the pattern and keep the stripe fun coming. We’ve added a 2 block wall or large table topper size to the crib and lap sized quilts. There are such varied and wonderful stripes out there for us to choose for our projects. Celebrate will accommodate any type of stripe and give you quick and exciting results.

Wall/table mat 25” x 41”, Crib 36” x 48” and Lap 48” x 64”.


Item: MIQ309
Celebrate Pattern

Price: $9.50 $3.00

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MIQ424 Options PatternThis easy to construct 10" quilt block will give you many design options. The look can be dramatically changed with contrast and value of the four fabrics. The large quilt was made with 2 sets of block fabrics, 24 blocks of each group of 4 fabrics.

Three sizes:  37" x 37", Lap quilt 46" x 66" and Twin quilt 66" x 86"


Item: MIQ424
Options Pattern

Price: $9.50 $3.00

Splashy Squares

MIQ661 Splashy Squares PatternBegin with squares and diagonal cuts. Slice, swap and use a fun raw edge idea to eliminate the seam allowances and create unusual new squares. Benartex has kitted these projects, ask your local quilt shop about the kits. Also looks great with regular stripes and large prints. Requires zigzag or decorative stitching.

Blocks are 14” and 7” and the quilts are 42” x 42” and 21” x 42”.


Item: MIQ661
Splashy Squares Pattern

Price: $9.50 $3.00

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MIQ704 Tripster PatternA generous quilted tote bag with many options for finishing and decorating. You will piece an inventive rotary cut and machine stitched curve for the handles with my achievable curve technique and create a focal band of odd shapes that will dance across the bag using one of my fun dancing techniques. Finish the bag with a turn down lining, load it up and off you go.

Flat bottom 14” x 14” x 5” or envelope style 19” x 17”.


Item: MIQ704
Tripster Pattern

Price: $9.50 $3.00

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Dancing Quilts Book

A fun new technique that begins with squares and ends with the look of oddly shaped pieces dancing all over the quilt. Use zigzag or decorative stitches and wonderful thread to easily create the dancer segments which transform ordinary triangles and squares into unique quilts. No templates, the dancer segments are traditionally pieced triangles and squares that work to create an unusual quilt!

Published by American Quilter's Society.


Item: MIQ DQ
Dancing Quilts from Straight Pieces Book by Debbie Bowles
Price: $24.95 $10.00